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Energy, Vibration, Law of Attraction - Spiritual ConsultantIf you are desiring to create a life which you feel satisfied, happy, at ease, loved, powerful, energized, goodness, wealthy, and free...you have arrived. I will be delighted to share with you what I have learned along the way of my professional and personal life.


My commitment is to connect people with what is emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually fulfilling to them. It is my intention to bring them closer to their relief, so that they may feel their birthright of peace, wellness and harmony in this amazing human form that we are.


The essence and energy of this work is not the physical form, but rather a deepening sense of Self awareness and acceptance. A new mindfulness on a soul level, where through conversation from a higher guidance, the release of emotional negativity is the goal, and clarity of ones own true happiness is finally received. This path will resonate with everyone when they feel they are ready.


 If you want Unlimited Health, Wealth and Happiness, there is a Way of being that will create that. This way of being is within your reach easily, simply with a daily practice of the recognizing what thoughts are serving you and what ones aren't. There is a Strong Deliberate Thought system that runs your life. You are in control of focusing on what that thought system feels and sounds like. If you'd like your life to be different one must first admit to themselves that "My way is not working, I am struggling and striving and receiving no benefit. From this place, you will start making changes in the direction of drawing to you a Much Greater Lifestyle, embracing your your entitlement of Health, Wealth and Happiness. These are the ingredients of this worlds reality for fulfillment, in which you came to Be. 


There will always be contrast on this planet. I invite you to use that contrast as your way to reclaim your joy. By doing so, you will live with less drama and find the authenticity of the human spirit. We are a part of nature, and as so, our growth experience here pertains to trusting in something greater than our reality.  We are Source, on the path of being Goodwill Ambassadors. Acknowledging that we are all drawn to this experience because it's a "Feel Good" way of Being and Serving. Together we are creating a significant difference on a core level of truth and love.


I encourage you to take full responsibility for your life, as I accept no credit nor blame for your choices. I practice a trust and surrender to the faith that all is well today and always. Join me on this journey of letting go of fear and feeling love.





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